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edited by Antonio C. Sennis
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Cathars in Question


University of York / Centre for Medieval Studies

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Heresy and inquisition in the Middle Ages
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Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK

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York Medieval Press

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vii, 332 pages
Actes de conférence
Cathares - 1100-1300 - État de la recherche
Cathares - Histoire - 1100-1400 - Sources
Cathares - Historiographie - 2000-2015

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Acknowledgments vii
1 Questions about the Cathars Antonio Sennis 1
2 The Paradigm of Catharism; or, the Historians' Illusion Mark Gregory Pegg 21
3 The Cathar Middle Ages as a Methodological and Historiographical Problem John H. Arnold 53
4 The Heretical Dissidence of the 'Good Men' in the Albigeois (1276-1329): Localism and Resistance to Roman Clericalism Julien Thery-Astruc 79
5 The Heretici of Languedoc: Local Holy Men and Women or Organized Religious Group? New Evidence from Inquisitorial, Notarial and Historiographical Sources Jorg Feuchter 112
6 Cathar Links with the Balkans and Byzantium Bernard Hamilton 131
7 Pseudepigraphic and Parabiblical Narratives in Medieval Eastern Christian Dualism, and their Implications for the Study of Catharism Yuri Stoyanov 151
8 The Cathars from Non-Catholic Sources David d'Avray 177
9 Converted-Turned-Inquisitors and the Image of the Adversary: Ranier Sacconi Explains Cathars Caterina Bruschi 185
10 The Textbook Heretic: Moneta of Cremona's Cathars Lucy  Sackville 208
11 'Lupi rapaces in ovium vestimentis': Heretics and Heresy in Papal Correspondence Rebecca Rist 229
12 Looking for the 'Good Men' in the Languedoc: An Alternative to 'Cathars? Claire Taylor 242
13 Principles at Stake: The Debate of April 2013 in Retrospect R. I. Moore 257
14 Goodbye to Catharism? Peter Biller 274


Online: Boydell & Brewer, 2017

"The essays collected in this volume originate in papers delivered at the conference 'Catharism: Balkan Heresy or Construct of a Persecuting Society?', which was held at University College London and at the Warburg Institute on 18-19 April 2013" (Seite vii) 

 Recensioni: Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters 73 (2017) Heft 1, 215-225 [Kathrin Utz Tremp]; Riforma e movimenti religiosi 03 (giugno 2018), pp. 397-404 [Francesca Tasca]

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- The Textbook Heretic: Moneta of Cremona's Cathars