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s.n. [Samuel Amy]
Standard: Amy, Samuel [Samuel Amy]
A Memento für English Protestants, containing the following Particulars, viz. An Epitome of the Massacre in Piedmont An Epitome of the French Massacre An Epitome of the Irish Massacre. A Speech of Pope Sixtus Quintus. A Collection of the most Remarkable Passages of Queen Maries Reign. Together with a Preface [by S. Amy] by way of Answer to that part of the Compendium [by Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemain], which reflects on the Bishop of Lincoln’s late Book [Thomas Barlow, Bishopf of Lincoln, "Popery"].


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In -4°
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Standard: London [Londres]

Printed for Jacob Sampson, next to the Wonder Tavern within Ludgate

Standard: Sampson, Jacob

[60] p.
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Microfiche: IDC, Religious Minorities Waldenses: RMW-152 (= London, British Library: 1484 d7 (4))
Vaudois - Persécutions - Piémont - 1655

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Preface by Samuel Amy.



Seconda edizione: A Præfatory Discourse to a late Pamphlet, entituled, A Memento for English Protestants, &c. Being an answer to that part of the Compendium [by Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine], which reflects upon the Bishop of Lincoln's book [entitled “Popery”]. The second edition, with several additions and amendments. Together with some occasional reflections on Mr. L'Estrange's writings. [By S. Amy.]. London:  Tho. Dawks for the Author, 1681, 31 p. In -4º.

Terza edizione: A memento for Protestants : containing the English, Piedmontese, Irish, and French massacres; and a speech of Pope Sixtus Quintus in justification of the murder of Henry III : To which are added a few Protestant questions, and a letter by the late ... John Wesley. London: printed for J.J. Stockdale, 1813.