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Alfonso Tortora
Standard: [Tortora, Alfonso]
La guerra di Spagna contro i Valdesi della prima età moderna (1559-1563) : narrazioni e rappresentazione di una "guerra giusta"
Magallánica : Revista de Historia Moderna
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Enero - Junio de 2019
Vaudois - Persécutions - Calabre - 1561 - Sources
Vaudois - Pesécutions - Calabre - 1560-1561


 Concerns about the diffusion of particular forms of heresy in the various regions of the Italian peninsula after the first half of the 500 did not concern only the Roman Curia, but also the civil authorities of the Italic peninsula. These authorities include both the Spanish monarchy and the other forms of noble and princely power that developed between the late Middle Ages and early modern times. With reference to this last point, then, this investigation focused on the Spanish monarchy (without forgetting the Catholic Church), for which the problems of heretics appeared first of all strictly linked to the notion of rebellion and this also in the Kingdom of Naples. It was a question of problems with which the Spanish government - committed in its own way on the affirmation of the modern state - if it did not seem possible to proceed with the criteria of the "Spanish Inquisition", it seemed useful to resort to actions, which in themselves were technically effective and which were part of the "just war" perspective. It was a war to be understood in substance as a regulator of the tensions that developed between the Spanish imperial power and the social, political and religious reality subjected to it.