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J[ean]B[aptiste] Stouppe
Standard: [Léger, Antoine] [Stoppa, Giovanni Battista]
A Collection of the Several Papers Sent to His Highness the Lord Protector of the Common-Wealth of England, Scotland, & Ireland, &c. Concerning the Bloody and Barbarous Massacres, Murthers, and other Cruelties, committed on many thousands of Reformed, or Protestants dwelling in the Vallies of Piedmont, by the Duke of Savoy’s Forces, joyned therein with the French Army, and severall Irish Regiments. Published by Command of his Highness
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In -4°. Seconda edizione
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Standard : [London]

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Printed for H. Robinson, at the three Pigeons in St. Paul’s Church-Yard

Standard: [Robinson, H. ]

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Mikrofiche: IDC, Religious Minorities. Waldenses: RMW-72 (= Torino, Biblioteca Reale: 148/22)
Cromwell, Oliver - Attitude towards the Waldenses
Waldenses - Apologetics - 1655
Waldenses - Persecutions - Piedmont - 1655 - Sources

Table of contents:

1.The Epistle Dedicatory to Cromwell, firmata da J.B. Stouppe (pp. [II-IV]);

The Stationer to the reader (p. V)

2. To the Christian Reader (pp. VI-XV);

3. A Briefe Apologie (pp. 1-6);

4. L'ordinanza di Gastaldo (pp. 7-8); 

5. A second Apologie (pp. 9-16);

6. A third Apologie (pp. 17-22);

7. An Appendix to the foregoing Apologie (pp. 23-26);

8. An Abstract of a letter writen from the vale of Perouse (= Lettre  de Pinache du 27 Aprvil an 1655) (pp. 26-30);

9. Lettera anonima di Lione, dell'8 maggio 1655 (pp. 31-32);

10. A Continuation of the description of the murthers (pp. 33-41) (= riassunto-adattamento di alcune pagine del Récit véritable di Jean Léger e della Relation dernière di Antoine Léger);

11. A letter written to his Highness [da Stouppe] (pp. 42-44].


Armand Hugon - Gonnet, Bibliografia Valdese (1953), n. 1628.

Seconda edizione del opuscolo di Stouppa del giugno 1655 intitolato: A Collection or Narative.  La differenza tra le due edizione si riduce a pochi elementi. Il più importante è l’inserimento di uno speciale „The Stationer to the Reader“ (p. [V]) (cfr. Balmas, La vera relazione, p. 159  (n. 6)).

In ogni caso l'Appendix  (pp. 23-26) era mandato da Antoine Léger, come risulta dalla sua lettera (s.d., ma scritta attorno al  3/13 maggio): "One of those poor fugitivs [...] confirms whatsoever is said in the Appendix of the Apologie, which you have received heretofore; adding many cruelties [...]". Probabilmente Antoine Léger fu l'autore dell'appendice e delle tre apologie (cfr. Albert de Lange, Antoine Léger, ed. italiana, p. 225 n. 194).