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A Full and True Account Of the Late Revolution in Savoy, and of the Motives and Occasion of the Duke of Savoy’s Declaration of War against France, and for Restoring all the Vaudois to their Liberties and Ancient Privileges, who are joined with His Forces against the French. And also of the several Defeats given to the French Forces, by the Vaudois and Savoyards./ In a Letter to a Person of Quality, from Geneva, June 9. 1690.
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R. Baldwin

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Mikrofiche: IDC, Religious Minorities Waldenses: RMW-163 (= Chicago, Newberry Library: Case 6 A 160 no. 29)
Victor Amadeus II (Duke of Savoy, King of Sardinia, 1675-1730) - Attitude towards the Waldenses - 1690
Waldensian valleys - French-Piemontese War - 1690

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Licensed, June 16.1690. J. Fraser.

Per il contenuto si veda: Minutoli, Storia, pp. 88-89.