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His Highness [= Oliver Cromwell]
Standard: [Cromwell, Oliver]
A Declaration of His Highness, with the Advice of his Council, Inviting the people of England and Wales to a Day of Solemn Fasting and Humiliation. [With "Instructions to be observed touching the Collection appointed by the Declaration of his Highness and the Council hereunto annexed"]
Date of Publication:
25 May 1655
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In -f
Place of Publication:

Standard : [London]

Publisher/Printer name:
Henry Hills & John Field

Standard: [Hills, Henry] [Field, John]

[4] p.
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London, British Library: E.1064.(54.); 669,f,19.(79.)
Collections for the Waldenses -England - 1655
Cromwell, Oliver - Attitude towards the Waldenses


Appello di Cromwell a una colletta per i valdesi. Questa prima colletta ebbe luogo il 14 giugno 1655. Per la seconda colletta si veda: Cromwell, A Proclamation For perfecting, London 1655.

Un'altra edizione apparve: Dublin: W. Bladen, 1655. In -f.  

Traduzione olandese: Een declaratie van Syn Hoogheyt,met advyse van syn Raedt: noodende het volck van Engeland ende Wales tot een solemnele vasten-dach ende humiliatie, s.l., s.n. s.a. pl.  Cfr. Armand Hugon-Gonnet, Bibliografia valdese, n. 1575; Du Rieu, Essai, n. 8. Finora non si trovato alcun esemplare.

Traduzione latina: [Benjamin Masters], Sabaudiensis in Reformatam Religionem persecutionis brevis narratio, pp. 7-9.