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Collective work
edited by Michael D. Bailey and Sean L. Field
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Late medieval heresy ; new perspectives : studies in honor of Robert E. Lerner
Heresy and inquisition in the Middle Ages
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Woodbridge ; Rochester, NY

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York Medieval Press

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978-1-903153-82-6 ; 1-903153-82-4
xiv, 267
Heresies - 1300-1500
Lerner, Robert E. (1940-) - Biography
Lerner, Robert E. (1940-) - Works - Bibliography

Table of contents:

 P r e f a c e Robert E. Lerner: A Portrait Richard Kieckhefer vii

List of Contributors xiv

In t r o d u c t i o n Historiography, Methodology, and Manuscripts: Robert E. Lerner and the Study of Late Medieval Heresy Michael D. Bailey and Sean L. Field 1

1 The Heresy of the Templars and the Dream of a French Inquisition Sean L. Field 14

2 The Dissemination of Barthélemy Sicard's Postilla super Danielem Sylvain Piron 35

3 Magic, Mysticism, and Heresy in the Early Fourteenth Century Michael D. Bailey 56

4 The Making of a Heretic: Pope John XXITs Campaign against Louis of Bavaria Georg Modestin 76

5 Unusual Choices: The Unique Heresy of Limoux Negre Louisa A Burnham 96

6 Princely Poverty: Louis of Durazzo, Dynastic Politics, and Heresy in Fourteenth-Century Naples Elizabeth Casteen 116

7 Disentangling Heretics, Jews, and Muslims: Imagining Infidels in Late Medieval Pastoral Manuals Deeana Copeland Klepper 137

8 New Frontiers in the Late Medieval Reception of a Heretical Text: The Implications of Two New Latin Copies of Marguerite Porete's Mirror of Simple Souls Justine L. Trombley 157

9 Disputing Prophetie Thought: The 1466 Questio quodlibetalis of Johannes of Dorsten Frances Kneupper 178

10 Heretics, Allies, Exemplary Christians: Latin Views of Ethiopian Orthodox in the Late Middle Ages Samantha Kelly 195

11 'By them in reality I meant the Jews': Medieval Heretics in the Work and Life of Renate Riemeck (1920-2003) Jörg Feuchter 215

A f t e r w o r d Who or W hat Was a Heretic in the Late Middle Ages? Barbara Newman 238

Robert E. Lerner: A Chronological Bibliography (pp. 250-258)

Index 259

Contribution in a collective work :
- 'By them in reality I meant the Jews': Medieval Heretics in the Work and Life of Renate Riemeck (1920-2003)